CFO Video Modems for PTZ and Fixed camera Applications

CFO Zero-latency Video Modems.
Nearly two decades, the traditional fibre optics operation has been the core
technology in many security video systems.
Today the fully re-designed CFO platform is ready to challenge any modern system requirement in the class of compressed realtime video transmission. Utilising the most appropriate technologies for each type of service required, the single roduct approach enables very cost eff ective solutions for video, audio, data, contact closure and even Ethernet signal optical transmission.
IP product platforms for advanced flexible functionality
IP open standards product platforms are designed to meet the challenge of modern video networks. Our MPX embedded video processors comply with the industry standard for MPEG-4 video compression. While they give you the touch and feel of traditional analog systems, performance, flexibility and manageability are more in keeping with modern Ethernet networks. In addition to video processing, these devices are also capable of handling related audio, data and alarm information.